Monday, September 2, 2013

Fitness Philosophy

Confession time: Besides the revered “rest day”, I used to strive to workout (strength training + cardio) every. single. day.

Now, I approach fitness a different way.

The ultimate goal is to live actively.  This means being active in some way every day.  For instance, today I may walk the dog for a mile or so, and tomorrow I may pop in a workout DVD and sweat it out in the living room.  Yesterday I filled a few spare minutes of my day with a 20 minute yoga routine.  Next week I may take a spin class and kick things up a notch with some distance runs outdoors.  Stopping by the gym for dumbbell practice and using the StairMaster StepMill is one of my favorite ways of staying active.  For me, it’s about maintaining a lifestyle where physical activity is frequent and varied.   

A lifestyle like this keeps working out from becoming boring, and it creates muscle confusion (avoiding plateaus are a plus!).  Set some goals like running in a local 5k, and work to make it happen.  Add in a strength training session here and there and you’re on your way to living an active lifestyle! Having an active lifestyle does take some planning in advance, but if you are serious about your commitment to fitness, it will turn out to be a real investment in your time and health!

P.S. Think of every workout as an adventure ;)    

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